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L. G. Capellan is a voracious researcher of digestive problems, with extensive experience and knowledge about gastritis and bile reflux. In 2013, he was diagnosed with chronic gastritis, acid reflux, and bile reflux—digestive problems that he suffered from for several years until he decided to take his health in his own hands and do things on his own.

He spent more than 5 years researching a solution to his chronic gastritis and bile reflux. This included dedicating thousands of hours to reading medical and scientific research, articles on blogs and websites, and gastritis success stories on online health forums. His deep research provided him with a new understanding of what he had to do, how, and in what order to heal his gastritis and digestive problems.

Now, through his Facebook group (The Gastritis Healing Group) and his book about gastritis, he helps other people who are going through the same situation he once went through, so that they can also get rid of gastritis and take back their health.

To contact the author, you can reach him via email at or find him in his Facebook group, ‘‘The Gastritis Healing Group.’’

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